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Sysprep Win2k MUP.SYS


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i have a problem with sysprep...

i install windows 2k and run sysprep

...all works like i expected(at the same pc or a pc with the identity hardware), but when i push this syspreped image to another computer(laptop, or a pc with different hardware) the pc execute the minisetup but after the reboot the pc hangs up by loading the MUP.SYS

please help me and excuse my very bad english skills! :unsure:

thank you! :thumbup

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im not 100% sure but I thought sysprep will only work on identical hardware, or at least only maybe different ram installed.

have you tried adding all the drivers etc to the setup

::EDIT:: Do you have any USB devices?? I just had a look around alot of people seem to put the mup.sys problem down to USB Devices, try taking it out or check it is on the HCL (Hardware compatability List) at microsoft.

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Sysprep works with different hardware, the only thing to watch for is the HAL, and even then you can change it. Most MUP.SYS issues I've seen weren't related to it, it just happened to crash just past that. (in most cases it was fixed by using a decent PSU)

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