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how can i play Mp3 During Batch File


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let me get this right...

you want your own custom install program to start another process (media player) but not wait on it and then kill that process when the install is done, right?

start mypath\myapp /myargs

use this to start the process without having to kill it to continue the batch

taskkill /f myapp.exe

use this to stop the app when the batch is finished

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he wants audio to play in the background while his unattended CD installs stuff. and trying the /start \pathtoplayer\player.exe /myargs doesn't work as it waits for the media player to close. even calling it from a seperate batch file i couldn't find a way to allow the player to play the Mp3 and still install in the background.

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i wonder why that doesnt work when it does work inside windows...

a vbs should be able to do it...

Option Explicit
Dim oShell
Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
oShell.Run "myapp /myargs", 0, False

0 is for hidden, 2 is for minimized but not hidden

False tells it not to wait for the process to finish before continuing the script

then again... i dont know if a vbs will run... probably not...

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