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W2000 + HighPoint HPT374 SATA Controller

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Hallo this is my first post to this forum:D

I need to install W2000 on a new machine without!! floppy controller

and a HighPoint RocketRAID 1540 Controller. This is

HPT374 ATA133/SATA RAID chip.

I try to follow the method from


but the resulting cd fails in the initial setup complaining that it

can't find the hpt374.sys driver (I copied a compressed version

hpt374.sy_, created with makecab, into the i386 directory).

Here is the unified diff (created with cygwin)

$ diff -u /cygdrive/e/I386/TXTSETUP.SIF TXTSETUP.SIF

--- /cygdrive/e/I386/TXTSETUP.SIF 2003-06-20 14:00:00.000000000 +020

+++ TXTSETUP.SIF 2004-11-14 15:32:32.286980300 +0100

@@ -2770,6 +2770,7 @@

hpsjrreg.exe = 1,,,,,,,,3,3

hpsjsrc.ds = 1,,,,,,,,3,3

hpsjusd.dll = 1,,,,,,,,3,3

+hpt374.sys = 1,,,,,,4_,4,1,,,1,4

hpt4qic.sys = 1,,,,,,,4,1

hptjres.dll = 1,,,,,,,,3,3

hptkjet.gpd = 1,,,,,,,,3,3

@@ -9647,6 +9648,7 @@

PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2421 = "intelide"

PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_7199 = "intelide"

PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_4D33 = "pciide"

+PCI\VEN_1103&DEV_0008 = "hpt374"

PCI\CC_0101 = "pciide"

*PNP0600 = "atapi"

*PNP0A00 = "isapnp"

@@ -10036,6 +10038,7 @@


+hpt374 = hpt374.sys,4

cpqarray = cpqarray.sys,4

atapi = atapi.sys,4

ncrc710 = ncrc710.sys,4

@@ -11854,6 +11857,7 @@

USB = "USB-Tastatur",files.kbdhid,kbdhid


+hpt374 = "HighPoint HPT374 ATA133/SATA RAID Controller"

fd16_700 = "Adaptec 2920/2905 / Future Domain 16XX/PCI/SCSI2Go"

sparrow = "Adaptec AHA-151X/AHA-152X/AIC-6X60 SCSI-Adapter"

aha154x = "Adaptec AHA-154X/AHA-164X SCSI-Hostadapter"

This is my WINNT.sif file (I put it in I386)




I used the newest driver from Highpoint's web side


Is there something obviously wrong with my setup?

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. :D



Ps. The standard XPcreate fails me for a german W2000

in the last 1-2 month :} It complains about a missing

SP0 service pack??? (with and without integrated sp4

source disk)..

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Welcome to MSFN, honey!

Hmmm ... I don't see anything off hand in your setup, but then again, I amo not too versed in those DIF files.

As for your WIN2000 problems, I do believe that is due to using DLAUTO=YES, and there is no up to date Hotfix List.

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