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Wireless audio suggestions needed via PC


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I want to stream audio to speakers around the house without having to use other Recievers through out the house. I would like to stream the audio via wieless technolgy strieght to the speakers. So set up a reciever in my computer room, then place speakers around the house attached to a wireless device recieving the audio. Does anyone have any suggestion?

So far I have found these products but none of them meet exactly what I need.

SoundLink™ Wireless Audio Delivery System US Robotecs

Sound Blaster® Wireless Music

Albatron WIDIO Wireless Audio System

D-Link’s audio DSM-920BT and DSM-910BTDSM-100BT,DSM-110BT )

(SMCWAA-B EZ Stream™ 11Mbps Wireless Audio Adapter)

Lyra wireless transmitter from RCA

Motorola simplefi™ Wireless Digital Audio Receiver

(Motorola (485757-003-00) Simplefi Wireless Digital Audio Receiver 612572009055)

Kenwood RFU6100 Wireless System for Surround Speakers

(amphony 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Audio Transmitter / Receiver, Model 1000)

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