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For those who are paranoid about ACDSee7


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One of the options in ACDSee7 is to participate in their "update service", which monitors your usage of the program. Is there a silent switch to turn off that feature?

The file "UsageTrack.txt" gets created when you run ACDSee 7 for the first time. Although it has a txt extension, it's really not a text file at all. I don't know what the contents hold, but I know that it changes everytime you open a picture file. You can delete this file, but it does no good for it recreates itself the next time acdsee is run. This file maybe harmless but just from the name itself implies to me - Be Cautious. :o

A possible workaround is making it a read-only empty file. At least this way I can be sure no sensitive data can be written to that file.

del "%UserProfile%\Application Data\ACD Systems\ACDsee\70\UsageTrack.txt"
'>"%UserProfile%\Application Data\ACD Systems\ACDsee\70\UsageTrack.txt"
attrib +r "%UserProfile%\Application Data\ACD Systems\ACDsee\70\UsageTrack.txt"

If anyone knows more about this subject or knows a switch please let me know.

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A trick that often works in cases like this is to create a directory that has the same name as the txt file would have, and the text file cannot be created. In this case that would be:
MKDIR UsageTrack.txt

good tip and a nice alternative. thanks.

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If you want a blank file instead of a directory just do:

COPY /Y NUL "blankfile.txt"

By the way, I don't know if this file is necessarily an issue, you think its being sent back to their servers or something?

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