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Could anyone help me out with an error message within Event Loggs

The ID is: 7


Message: device cd-rom1 has a bad block

I am using a USB 2 Sony DVD re:Writer??

I am trying to find out is this a windows fault or the DVD Unit??

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:blink: Thanks red_house for that information,

However does anyone know the best way to check a CD/DVD Drive????, as the above link is only applicable to Hard Drives.

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Are you using it on a USB hub. Some USB2 devices (I'm thinking scanners and Modems here but external R/Ws may be the same) don't like hubs as they aren't able to draw sufficient power from them. Use Device Manager to check your USB ports. Also use Device Manager to check for any hardware conflicts - look for the little yellow exclamation mark.

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I've been to the M$ site - http://search.microsoft.com/search/results...s&qu=event+ID+7

and the second item on the list suggests that it may be an out of date driver. Check out the link as you will recognise, better than I, whether or not your situation is similar to anything mentioned in the articles. The second article on the list looks the most promising for your situation. These are all "Event ID 7s".

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