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Die thumbnail view die


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I have completely tweaked everything I can think of with my xp sp2 nlited custom cd.

However there is one tweak that eludes me.

I have my view set to icon everywhere in windows. There is only 1 place that thumbnail view persists. That is in a save dialog box. Every single time I open a save box I have to right click and change it to detail view which is what I like so I can see all the detail of the files. Is there a reg edit to get rid of thumbnail view once and for all in save menus or all together in windows?

Anyone who has managed to change the save/save as menus to anything but thumbnail view and get it to stay I want to know how you did it.

Please help!!! This will be the final tweak for a great CD.

Thx thx

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Someone has to have an answer on this?

Its the last tweak ill need for my cd.

Can anyone kill thumnail view once and for all?

Also has anyone experenced issues with java links in IE not working? I have java 5.0 installed and I have this problem.

Links that are java and redirect the page. When you click on them nothing happens. The link does not go and your only choice is to take out the javacript and then go to the link manually.

Any ideas on that one? Tried java virtual machine 2 and no luck.

Thx all

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Oh and for those who may have thought that the option under folder options to not cache thumbnails would fix this. It does not.

I have tried that to no avail.

Have I really found an unfixable issue here?

NO ONE in all of MSFN has an answer for this?

If ya got it, post it..

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The option to not cache thumbnails doesn't disable thumbnails. It disables the caching of thumbnails.

I have never found a way to make the settings stick in the open/save dialogue. It's dependant on the application in question. Most apps use the list view and unless a particular program saves the last settings used, that's the view that will be used. Same with other default views.

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THANKS for the replie jrzycrim. Thats what I was begaining the think also.

However before all my tweaks and custom settings with my xp cd all learned from msfn. I could have sworn if I set it to icons or detail it would stay, even in save boxes.

Now it never stays and thats what i find odd. I'll keep messing with it and maybe I'll get it. Its so annoying to have to change it to detail every single time. I'm in save boxes alot with as much as I download.


as for the java issue I believe I figured that out...

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I'd like to be able to save my view preferences in open/save dialouges.

It's odd that you have thumbnail views in your save dialogue. What browser/download manager are you using. For me, both in IE and Firefox, I get the default list view when saving.

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