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RunOnceEx issue


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Hello there!

AFter long time using the Batch file i decided to use RunoNceEx...

But there's a problem... (isn't really a problem :P)

My list is to big and i can't see everything... the last 6 lines i can't see them!!

There's any way to see the list in 2 columns?!?!


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Are there items you can combine into one of the other line items?

"Title"="Applying Microsoft Patches"

@="Installing MS04-033 Patch"
"01"="MSIEXEC /a D:\\MSI\\OFC2K\\data1.msi /p C:\\temp\\Excelff.MSP SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE /QB-"
"03"="MSIEXEC /p C:\\temp\\XPEXCELFF.MSP /QB-"

@="Cleaning Up"
"01"="cmd /c DEL c:\\temp\\EXCELff.msp"
"02"="cmd /c DEL c:\\temp\\XPEXCELff.msp"

notice I have multiple commands for one item.


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