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Hi all,

First of all i'd like to say :thumbup to this forum+site in general as it's excellent and extremely well constructed.

My first question is if I have a cmdlines.txt file in my $OEM$ folder and in that $OEM$ folder I have RunOnceEx.cmd and cleanup.cmd and RegTweak.reg

should my cmdlines.txt file look like :

"REGEDIT /S RegTweak.reg"

Another thing I read on the unattended totorials was that if you have cmdlines.txt in the $OEM$ folder Windows will automatically execute this file, if that's the case do I still have to have something like


in my winnt.sif file ?

Thanks in advance


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No. It's idealy either one or the other. Which means that if you are using your cmdlines.txt file you don't need the [GuiRunOnceEx] in your .Sif file.

I use my CmdLines.txt file to call my HKey_Current_Users regedits to install during the 13min phase of installation and have it running a .Cmd file to place my reg key installations into my RunOnceEx upon first logon.

Hope that helps a little.


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