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SetupMgr and multiple computer names

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I have a question concerning microsoft's setupmgr.exe tool. I used it to precreate my winnt.sif file. As an option i chose to import computernames from a textfile which results in the following entries in winnt.sif

   FullName="The Solar System"


and a second file called winnt.udb:








Trying to install on a VM the generated Computername always looks the way we know: SOLARIS-1234567 ... so it's autogenerated from the OrgName in winnt.sif

So how does this thing with multiple computernames work. Is it, that this only works for installations from a remote computer's network share but not from CD ?

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This may be a stupid question but what I'm reading from this post is that with VM Ware for instance if my Org name is "MyCompany" VM will generate the computer name as "MyCompany-"bla bla bla

Can anyone comment on this?

Thanks in advanced

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