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Install XPSP2 over XP-retail while keeping progs?


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I want to install XPSP2 (slipstream, unattended) over my copy of XP-retail (is RTM the same thing + correct usage?) while at the same time deleting my copy of windows but not formatting (hit "L" at that one screen during installation from DOS)...is it possible to keep my progs installed? Does it amount to exporting my reg to a file, then overwriting the new SP2 reg w/ the file, or is it more complicated than that?

Im having some REALLY weird problems with this machine (CD drivers arent installing, cmd.exe, IE, and a lot of other things shut down as soon as you start em, etc), and I hope reinstalling windows will fix it.

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If you follow the instructions as normal to install Windows (I wouldn't do this unattended), about 4-5 screens into the installation it detects you already have Windows installed and gives you the opportunity to repair it. What this does is delete the Windows files and copy them back off the CD. Your User Accounts will be safe, your installed applications will be safe. It's worth a try, but be prepared to reformat and install fresh if it goes pear-shaped!

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