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Missing DLL


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Is the program called Quick Books or Quicken? Quicken has a link to a program that will fix that missing file that is probably worth a shot regardless if either app is installed. You can get it here:


(link is in middle of page)

If you still have problems after running that, then from what I saw on a quick google search, it looks like you've either been hit by a virus or still have that virus on your PC. You need to download the latest virus defs, reboot into safe mode and scan your entire PC. Then remove Quick Books (backup any important data first) boot back into normal mode and Re-install Quick Books. It would be worthwhile to download, update and run a2 to check and remove any malicous spyware too (run a2 in safe mod for the scan as well).

If you need a freeware approach to virus scanning, you can get ahold of AVG antivirus, a free virus scanner for home use here:


(click next on bottom of page after you've caught up on AVG)

And you can download a2 for free here:


Keep us informed on progress good or bad!


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It was for Quicken, and I have found a "fix" (InetFix.exe) to get the offending missing DLL file from the Intuit website. As far as I'm aware there isn't a virus on the machine concerned, it could be something to do with the fact that Quicken was updated to a newer version, which the Intuit website mentions. Thanks anyway for replying.

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