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ok, so i have established the following method so far.. i am using the seperate installers for each program as i want to be be able to select which applications to install from winpe. downside is that you would have to find cracked serials for all apps as the suite serial will not work.. but hey, if you paid for it, you can use all the cracks you want imho.. and the same principle should work for the suite installer aswell..


1)create setup.iss using setup.exe -R and move it

2)edit abcpy.ini: fill in name and serial (and change all DisplayXXXXX properties to NO - this may not be necessary)

3)run setup.exe -S -f2:etc..etc..

it's important to create setup.iss BEFORE you edit abcpy.ini or your setup.iss will be incomplete and you will get a resultCode -3

so far this has worked for all apps except for photoshop, for which i cannot seem to find a working serial.. as long as i run them manually and seperately on my normal system. however...

when i do this from RunOnceEx, there are some probs.. first of all, acrobat complains about the printer spooler or something. i suppose this service is not yet started when runonceex is processed. i have not found a way around this yet, i suppose you could edit the abcpy.ini in a way so that the pdf printer is not installed, you could postpone application setup until windows has fully started (do it from startup folder in start menu, kill explorer.exe to remove GUI and use iernoncedll,RunOnceExProcess

to start RunOnceEx), or you could try to start the printer spooler manually first (using net start in your batch file). any help would be appreciated here. but it gets worse...

for some reason, installations hang sometimes (mostly golive - RunOnceEx just doesnt proceed), sometimes applications do not get installed, sometimes they do.. this behaviour seems completely random. sometimes all apps are there, even acrobat, sometimes only one, and even that one differs from install to install.. i have this suspicion though that acrobat f***ing up may be the root cause of all evil. after clicking ok on the error, runonceex proceeds to the next step but it seems that acrobat setup is still running (maybe rolling back the installation). this is as far as i can remember, it's been a few days and im at work now.. but i think its the simultaneous exection of multiple (similar) setups that f***s things up. i will have to experiment some more to narrow it down, but this is a very time consuming process.. i think it would be helpful if the installation would display a basic UI, similar to the msi /qb switch, but i have not yet found a way to do this. so if anyone knows..

anyway, some have asked me for a method to install adobe cs, well here it is, have your way with it, experiment - and please share your findings with me and others here.. may the source be with you..

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Hello i used AutoIT to script it, it not that pretty but i cant work with cracked serials at my company so this was the only way. This is not a silent install, its just Unattended.


; AutoIt Version: 2.x

; Language: English

; Platform: WinXP

; Author:


; Type: Install Adobe Creative Suite UK



Run, "\\\\SHARE\\Adobe Creative Suite UK\\Installatie Bestanden\\Adobe Creative Suite\\setup.exe"





WinWaitActive,,To continue installing, you must accept the End User License Agreement.


WinWaitActive,,Please select which components to install and where to place them.


WinWaitActive,,Each component will install individually.






WinWaitActive,,Installation is complete.



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I find this infor mation on adobe site .....

Run a silent installation of Adobe Creative Suite 2.0

What's covered

Create an installer XML file

Run a silent installation

When you purchase a volume license for Adobe Creative Suite 2.0, Adobe provides an option that allows you to run a silent installation (that is, an installation with preselected options and no interface) on Windows or Mac OS X. In a silent installation, a custom installer runs the installers for each product in the suite by using command-line installation tools built into the operating system. To run a silent installation, you must create an XML file (or script) for the custom installer.

Create an installer XML file

The Adobe Creative Suite custom installer is driven by information provided in an XML file. This XML file describes the products you are installing, the location to which you are installing the products, and their serialization information.

To create an XML file for a silent installation:

1. Using a text editor (for example, Notepad or TextEdit ), copy and paste the following text into a new, plain text document:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

<AdobeInstallerConfiguration version="1.0">

<InstallerInfo platform="win" silentMode="1" targetVolume="C:\" targetPath="Program Files\Adobe\" />

<InstallerInfo platform="mac" targetVolume="/" />

<ProductInfo serial="0000-0000-0000-0000-0000-0000" licensedUserName="Adobe User" licensedUserCompany="Adobe Systems, Inc." />


<Product name="Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Adobe ImageReady CS2" selected="1" />

<Product name="Adobe Illustrator CS2" selected="1" />

<Product name="Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional" selected="1" />

<Product name="Adobe GoLive CS2" selected="1" />

<Product name="Adobe Version Cue CS2" selected="1" />

<Product name="Adobe InDesign CS2" selected="1" />



2. Edit the text by replacing the information in quotation marks with the information you need to customize your installation. Type the user name, company name, and serial number. Edit the installation path if it's different than the default: C:/Program Files/Adobe (Windows) and /Applications (Mac OS X). For each line that lists a product name, leave the value set to "1" if you want to install it; change the value to "0" (zero) if you don't want to install it.

Note: Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional and Adobe GoLive CS2 are included only with the Premium Edition. These products won't be installed in the Standard Edition, even if the value is set to "1".

3. Save the file to the desktop, name it "AdobeInstallerConfiguration.xml" (without quotation marks), and then close it.

Run a silent installation

Use the following procedures to run a silent installation of Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 in Windows or Mac OS X.

To run a silent installation in Windows:

1. Insert the Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 CD 1 in your CD-ROM drive. Hold down the Shift key to disable Autoplay.

2. Copy the Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 folder to the desktop.

3. Insert each of the remaining Adobe Creative Suite CDs and copy the folders for each product to the Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 folder on the desktop.

4. Move the AdobeInstallerConfiguration.xml file you created in the previous section of this document to the Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 folder.

5. Choose Start > Run.

6. In the Out box, type the following text exactly as it appears (including quotation marks, spaces, and capitalization), replacing "[user Name]" with the name of the user account that you used to log in to the computer:

"C:\Documents and Settings\[user Name]\Desktop\Adobe Creative Suite 2.0\Setup.exe" - installerConfig "AdobeInstallerConfiguration.xml"

7. During the installation, "msiexec.exe" appears in the Processes tab of Windows Task Manager. If "msiexec.exe" doesn't appear, or if the installation fails, see the installer log (SuiteInstaller2.0.txt) in Documents and Settings/ [user Name] /Local Settings to determine the cause of the problem.

Good Luck

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