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Computer Name Change Program

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I made this little program cause I would have the error pop up when I would install multiple machines and would get the network error that the computer name is already on the network.

Common problem for a netowrk admin.

Well with this app there are over 1000 computer names in it, and the program can run with the /silent command, or you can run it like normal and put or choose a computer name to set.

After the name is changed the program will close.

Of course a reboot is needed afterwards.

Here what to do with it, have it run with the /silent command when you first boot into xp with a batch file. then at the end of the batch file when everything else is done just do the restart command to auto restart the system.

with this command to restart, no programs need, part of xp

start SHUTDOWN.exe -r -t 01

Now this program was made in VB6. no extra files are needed and I have included the soruce code so if you know how to program with VB6 you can change anything you need for it to work for you.

Now I normaly have .net framework installing first hand and this running last, plus the stock vb runtime files come with xp. So everything should run fine.

I also have some other small apps I wrote to help things along. I may post those also.


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