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Collections 2002 Available in Microsoft SITE

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More details please...


Collection 2002 is an ensemble of utilities and games that aptly demonstrates the power and flexibility of DHTML. The Collection makes extensive use of internal style sheets and tables to create Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for the various constituent applications, all of which are based on a single design graphical theme. The individual applications all consist of simple but concise algorithms that use the sparsest of code utilizing both Microsoft® JScript® and Visual Basic® Scripting Edition (VBS). This code employs a methodical use of the DHTML Object Model and an array of mathematics to bring each game or utility to fruition. Collection 2002 provides an excellent source of DHTML code and techniques in an easy to understand format upon which you can build more complex DHTML applications.

More Details

Collection 2002 consists of the following:

Clock 2002 - Displays analog time, digital time, date, and day.

Calculator 2002 - Offers standard calculator arithmetic operations plus percentage with additional memory and memory recall functionality.

Calendar 2002 - Presents a traditional calendar with a date range that is virtually unlimited (spanning a few hundred thousand years on both sides of 1/1/70. The calendar's default date display is short day of the week, and date in mm/dd/yyyy format; however, the date format isn't hard-coded, it follows the system locale language (e.g., German format and text strings on a German machine, etc.).

Puzzle 2002 - Has a 16-space board with 15 numbered tablets and one space. The object is to arrange the tablets sequentially after an initial random re-arrangement.

Minesweeper 2002 - Offers a DHTML twist on the old naval warfare game.

Additionally, Collection 2002 features a method by which each application may be placed on your desktop as a convenient utility.

Browser/Platform Compatibility and Other Requirements

Collection 2002 can be used with Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.01 and greater on Windows® 98 and greater platforms.

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