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"Better" but wrong Driver is used


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I try to integrate both, Synaptics Touchpad driver and IBM Thinkpad Ultranav (which is a Touchpad/Trackpoint combo) on my unattended CD.

Problem is: On my IBM Thinkpad Notebook the Synaptics generic driver is installed instead of the IBM Ultranav driver when using my CD. I think thats because the generic driver is newer.

How can I fix this? The generic driver should only be installed when the Notebook is not a Thinkpad. I think about modifying the Synaptics driver but I don' t know how.

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you could try this....

take the driver (inf, cab, exe, whatever) and open it in wordpad, notepad, any text editor, and once it fully opens (lol, trust me, it could take a while), then just close it. it *MAY* trigger windows into changeing its modified date, and that is what windows *MIGHT* go off of when it looks for drivers.

Please keep in mind, I am no expert, nor have I tried this myself, its just an idea I had.

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