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How do I burn the 1.2gig image to a Dvd

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Hi I'm new at this forums and I got a question, the Unattended guide says this (under the OfficeXp section)

Got a DVD Recorder? You'll need it if you want to bundle Office XP with Windows XP, due to its large size

So I really need an all in one dvd and not a second cd, I'm pretty much a noob in this, but I did all the things in the guide and also a few tweaks of my own (services disabled) Its way to large for a cd, (XP-SP2 + Office SP3, Messenger 6.2 and WmPlayer10)

So how can I make the Iso image wich I can burn on a Dvd, and not on a Cd

So can anyone help me? :hello::thumbup

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there are two types of DVD single layer and dual layer.

Single layer = 4.7 gig

Dual Layer = 9 gig

use Nero Burner to backup your drive. Fast and no brainer to use.


make two backups just in case one is corrupted. And make sure to have nero verify that it has made a perfect copy.

good luck

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CDImage works fine for making DVD images, even used the one I provided on the site to make my own DVD ISO (without any modification to the switches whatsoever). Then burned it to disc with Nero.

Astalavista, making a bootable ISO in Nero isn't easy, you have to set settings and have a boot.img file handy. CDImage automates all this with the batch file provided.

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I am using CDImage to create an ISO image from the files on my HD. I have been using the software that came with by burner to write the ISO file to DVD.

attrib -R -H D:\winxp /S /D

CDIMAGE.EXE -lWXPFPP_EN -t12/31/2002,12:00:00 -h -j1 -m -bD:\winxp\BOOTIMG.BIN D:\winxp D:\Temp\winxp.ISO

If you are looking for free CD burning software with a GUI interface try CDBurnerXP Pro http://www.cdburnerxp.se/index.php. I have only used this a few times and never for creating a bootable CD but the web site says it can create bootable disks.

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CDIMAGE way...

Use CDIMAGE to create the ISO. An ISO by definition is an EXACT copy of a CD, including boot sector. CDimage can add the bootsector to teh ISO file created.

Then use ANY burning software to burn the ISO. No settings to configure, just burn the image.

Nero way...

You select the files to burn in the compilator.Then in the burning menu's, you then have to configure Nero to burn the bootsector and all it's properties.

CDimage does not need the settings to be configured when burning, and the ISO is completely testable in VMware as a bootable CD.

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