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Where do I get Microsoft Coroporation.img?


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I can give you that IMG, but I don't know if the rules of this forum allow me.

If an admin tells me I can post that file you'll have it.

Anyway why do you need that file ???

To make a bootable CD ???

You don't need a boot image exactly of MS Corporate. There are universal boot images that fit to any Win distribution. A Google search should help.

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You can do the same thing using CDImage_Pro/Home from this website, it already has the boot.img file that you need, you wont have to do the extraction of the Windows version, but as mentioned you can extract it using the utility that they metion from any M$ boot disk, such as with an operating system on one of their disks. I too have a copy of it, if the board allows for and doesn't violate M$ rules for transferring this.

You can pick up CDImage_Pro/Home here:Finalising your Unattended XP CD

FWIW: Might I also add, I personally use DVDDecrypter to burn the ISO's that this makes and it does a wonderful job it, now that I have DVDDecrypter figured out. I have also used ElaberateBytes version of Daemon Tools type tool, (not the same company, but ElaberateBytes is much easier imo and free,) and it works really well for use with .ISO's as well. Though I have yet to use it in a VM, as I have yet to find a VM that is free and I can't afford any of the others on a more permanent basis, my trials have all worn themselves out. :realmad::whistle:

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Hello, http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/windo..._slipstream.asp

if I follow the steps in this link, and use xpboot.img, and then create CD.

After that, this CD will help me to install WinXP Pro without using 6 floopy disk (startup disks), right.

Please let me know, I already do this for a few days, because my current windows have some problems, so I need to install new WinXP, but I have to know how to install WinXP first.

Thanks for helping.

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If you have questions about something that is written on paul's site, I reccomend sending him an email or checking out his forum's as they probably have already been answered there...But yes doing this it should allow for you to install Windows without the use of the floppys to install, if you are using a full version of XP with/without a SP installed, as long as you have performed the process properly.

From what I can tell you used one program to burn the disk with, while looking at the directions from another. My reccomendation, once you have made your slipstream, go to the link I gave above, get the files for the O/S version your using, XP PRO, MCE, and TE, all use the CDImage_Pro, and for Home, you use the CDImage_Home. Using it by it's included directions, you should be able to make an ISO file. IF you don't already have it, I suggest you find DVDDecrypter from it's dot com site and download the latest version of it. There is directions there as well as on this site, (not to mention 1000's of others,) that tell how to use it's ISO feature. Open the ISO file you made with it, and burn that file to CD/DVD and reboot to it, it should work just fine if you don't encounter any errors with the program. Should you encounter any errors with it, I reccommend looking in the forums for DVDDecrypter at it's site first, and shooting a response out there first before trying another site for the answer. The guy who writes DVDDecrypter spends a lot of time answering posts there on his own, though he doesn't always get to them all, he has others there that pretty much know what is going on to help him out when he's not available. For a free program, this has got to be one of the best supported around that I have used, besides Shareaza.

Anyways, it's rather quick and painless as I have since used it to burn many an ISO to CD/DVD so far. His settings are really easy to understand, and the program is rather configurable, such as the ability to pull DVD's from store bought copies, which I wont go into on here, but even that is possible from it, as that was it's main purpose to begin with. Once you burn the CD/DVD it should work without errors when you load it up. Next time I reccomend using the directions that are abundant from this site as to how to go about doing slipstreams/unattended installs.

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I have another problem, I reboot from CD-ROM.

when WinXP Pro setup, my drive cannot install.

It output this message:

To install WinXP on the partition you selected, setup must write some startup files to the following disks:

43967 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi[MBR]

However, this disk does not contain a windows XP-compatible partition.

From the above message, do I need to use 6 startup disks to reboot? And, then install it from CD.

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:wacko: DisabledTrucker :puke:

i am sure this guy's head is spinning from your post. :) lol

no offense DisabledTrucker. :thumbup

but i have a good feeling that this guy is really a newbie probably around 16 to 18.

Lets go easy on the little guy. He maybe a little slow but he seems nice.

as for jacmatsu

I must say i am impessed that you persist and working hard to fix your problem.


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