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Overwriting a File Silently ?


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@allanoll I didn't know what /qb and /qn did and I really tried hard on google to find what it did and it's not an easy task.  I finally found it after about 1 hour of searching, maybe a "basic dos knowledge" page should be added to the unattended guide, I still don't even know what's the difference between /y and -y, sometimes I have to use /others - sometimes it does not matter...  But I really don't think you were rude and I was still able to complete my unattended (well can it sometime be complete? adding 7zip, updating softwares or virus defs..)

@fourte3n Jaclaz is right and allanoll is one of the most helping and kind guy on this forum (in other forums they don't even bother to answer you...) and I think that if you are trying to do your own unattended cd you must learn to try things, and trying /help or /? is the basic.  When this does not work, and you looked on google and could not find any helpful sites, then you can post something here and people (well some of them) will be glad to help you out WHILE teaching you at the same time, you must be receptive

@allanoll... didn't mean to sound ungrateful. And to all that have said he is the most helpful, im sure he is helpful but he wasn't here. He could of simply told me the answer and that I could have gotten it from a simple copy /?

"to me, Basic knowledge includes a simple /?"

yes... TO YOU. Im sorry i missed it but I did. And posting "google it" image dont help sometimes. If you don't now that it's a simple thing you wont look there.

The bad thing about this is that I once KNEW the old /Y as I spent a lot of time refusing to use window 3.1 And when told my memory was jogged. :wacko:

This may be ABC to programmers and scripters but lots of people here are also geeks without any formations, more guides should be created so the forum could breathe a little more
I Agree...
@fourte3n take it easy, mate

huh? i wasnt acting psycho... just pointing out rude behavior (which is lacking on the net)

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you're forgetting one thing mate....

I could have just as easily left a number of different cryptic responses, or just left it at why didn't you try /? . But did I? no, I copy pasted the /? output for you. Which said all that was needed to explain it.

As for not being helpful, how so? I gave you the /Y. Then someone else confirmed it. Sure the first comment may not have been neccesary, but it wasn't rude. Perhaps you were in a bad mood, but others obviously didn't see it as rude.

I'll get to typing up one of those "basics" type posts in the coming days to try to avoid this type of thing again. If someone beats me to it, let me know and I'll sticky it. Hopefully, people learn to read.

As a note, searching should ALWAYS be done before posting. Example of a google search just performed...


Look at #7

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