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SOTOffice 2003, any silentswitch?


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What is SOT Office?

SOT Office is a free productivity suite for Windows and Linux.

SOT is committed to making sure that a free, commercial-quality office suite is available to all Windows and Linux users. SOT Office is the only office application you'll ever need. A full-featured, high-quality software suite, SOT Office is also compatible with other major office applications. You can open and save .doc, .xls and all your usual file formats with SOT Office, so sharing documents with friends and colleagues is a breeze. With a familiar intuitive interface, SOT Office is simple to use, whatever your skill level. For those new to office software, a printable user guide is included to help get you started.At the heart of SOT Office are its four core components:

SOT Office Writer A thoroughly modern word processor. With the Writer, you can compose the perfect document—use it to create books, reports, letters, faxes or web pages. With SOT Office you can also convert your work into professional-looking electronic documents in the form of PDF files!

SOT Office Calc A powerful spreadsheet. Analyze data, balance accounts and plot trends. Then create a chart to see all the information at a glance.

SOT Office Impress A versatile presentation program. Use it to create eye-catching visual aids for live online display, slides or handouts.

SOT Office Draw An easy-to-use drawing application for designing organizational charts and diagrams.

SOT Office is compatible with documents created by MS Office, OpenOffice, StarOffice and other common office applications.

What's new in SOT Office 2003?

SOT Office 2003 is a major new release. Some of the improvements over earlier versions are listed below:

included dBase database allows working with tables, queries etc

added a PDF print option for the Linux version

added multi-user installation option

added support for the Euro currency symbol

improved support for Turkish fonts

corrected handling of imported Czech .doc files

streamlined handling of empty cells in SOTO Calc

fixed window behaviour while editing macros

fixed drag and drop of database tables into SOTO

improved consistency in SUM syntax (tables and spreadsheets)

improved scrolling of images

added ability to cut and paste multiple presentation slides

fixed spell-check capability for network installations

added help for synchronize option

improved Postscript printing and colour

improved support for mouse wheel

fixed cases of disappearing menus

improved handling of multiple open instances of .doc files

fixed a problem with access the graphics properties of an image

improved line spacing in .ppt file exports

improved customization options for toolbar

fixed clipboard copy/paste issue from Big5

updated help system

improved web templates

new, improved filters for importing documents from other office apps

updated user manual

installer stability improved

fixed a conflict between Open Office/StarOffice installations

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