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How to remove drivers from Xp Install ?


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I wanted to know where I can find which files in drivers.cab are related to which drivers ? I believe I've parsed all the files in the xp cd and haven't found that except for scsi boot drivers.

I've found no inf files, no PCI idents, nothing to help me!

Parsed the forums here with no more luck.

I want to remove specific graphic drivers, for example, to install newer versions. So xp may be installing the most recent one I supplied, providing it's signed (I know there are ways to circumvent that) but what about those useless files staying in drivers.cab ?

My install cd is full, I want to cut that down nicely if it's possible.

nLite is a nice tool but it only allows me to remove all the graphic drivers, which is a bit too much for me ;)

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you

That was nearly exactly what I wanted

Now I only have to parse the related inf files of the drivers I want to remove. I was aware that dosnet.inf and txtsetup.sif needed to be updated with the removed/added files, but this is a quite precise list :)

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