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  1. Aviko, it seems you didn't see this part of my post ... Do you have an advice for me about that point ? (I erased the G-List but had Bad Sectors, and I want to mark them again) Thank you!
  2. I've just fixed my BSY Maxtor STM3500320AS. Have been using 1st post and insulating motor. Ghost just complained about a bad sector while dumping the drive onto another one ... now I know why, I shouldn't have cleared the G-List Anyway it's not a big deal for me (except the time lost because it hapenned in the middle of the dump [270 Gb of datas] and I had to restart from scratch with the force cloning flag) because those are in an Iso image I can download again. Thanks anyone who contributed to make this possible. I've recovered 99,9% of my datas, and 100% of my important datas. So, insulate what you want but ... don't clear the G-List! I've used this adapter http://sigma-shop.com/shop/product_info.ph...;products_id=44 bought via ebay (search for "MAX232 RS232 to TTL Converter Board for ATMEL AVR PIC" or visit this store http://stores.ebay.fr/DIA-STORE). Self powered with 5v from rs232, worked like a charm. So far so good, I'm happy, 2 month and 2 days without my datas was a veeeeeeeeery long wait! Aviko, will a Smart Full Scan "regenerate" the G-List ? I know that my ISO is lost, but from what I understand the drive won't mark those sectors as bad until I try to write on them, right ?
  3. You can even put someting just between motor contact / pcb without removing any screw. Just need a 1cm large paper card, and unscrew a bit the screw near that point. This way, no fear to let anything move, let fall a screw on the pcb ... Anyway nice tuto. Having been seeking like a mad on hddguru this solution for weeks. Still needs my TTL adapter
  4. Okay, the IBM's upgrade was probably replacing the Sp2 drivers for bluetooth, or bypassing something in the system which led that IP5.2 wasn't aware of what the mouse was doing. For your phone, is it still seen by the system ? I believe that's the case, but the software may need to be upgraded to work with SP2 ? Or maybe you need to uninstall/reinstall this software to allow it to redetect the new "drivers" for the bluetooth adapter. Something like that ...
  5. Which mouse model do you have ? I believe it's listed right in IP5.2 (as the only MS bluetooth mouse that I know about is listed) So either it's the ibm upgrade or old datas in the registry that cause your problem. I hope that uninstalling IBM's upgrade will clean everything. Maybe you'll have to uninstall your bluetooth adapter in the hardware manager and let windows reinstall it right.
  6. Did you remove IBM's Bluetooth-II upgrade ? It should not be needed with the SP2 installed, maybe the key of your problem!
  7. Did you uninstall IP5.2 before re-installing it ? Are you sure that no other intellipoint are remaining ?
  8. Thank you That was nearly exactly what I wanted Now I only have to parse the related inf files of the drivers I want to remove. I was aware that dosnet.inf and txtsetup.sif needed to be updated with the removed/added files, but this is a quite precise list
  9. Okay I am stupid I've just found the compressed INF files in the i386 folder
  10. Hi! I wanted to know where I can find which files in drivers.cab are related to which drivers ? I believe I've parsed all the files in the xp cd and haven't found that except for scsi boot drivers. I've found no inf files, no PCI idents, nothing to help me! Parsed the forums here with no more luck. I want to remove specific graphic drivers, for example, to install newer versions. So xp may be installing the most recent one I supplied, providing it's signed (I know there are ways to circumvent that) but what about those useless files staying in drivers.cab ? My install cd is full, I want to cut that down nicely if it's possible. nLite is a nice tool but it only allows me to remove all the graphic drivers, which is a bit too much for me Thanks in advance!

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