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Win XP MUI SP2 slipstreaming ?


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Hi all,

I want to add MUI to my Win XP SP2 unattend CD. I have applied to this thread http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=23841 but without one particular answer:

In case I have installed slipstreamed Win XP and then MUI, I do not have MUI with applied SP2 updates (right?). So is it possible to make MUI slipstreamed from SP2 package and how ? I don't want to run SP2 update again (after MUI installation).

Also there is additional work to do with MUI SP2. With SP1, MS declares all updates to MUI are included within SP1. With SP2 it is more complicated, MS have released at least 3 additional packs (distributed separately per language) - WMP9 MUI update, VMM2.1 MUI update and Cumulative Help Update.

Thanx for any advice, I have searched forums here and done some googling but without success.


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