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Unattended install for multiple computers

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The All in One disks are nice but I'm looking for a way to create a multiple computer install dvd. I have three different computers and would like a single boot dvd to install custom setups for each machine. I've tried to modify Gosh's multiple OS's but have not had success. Anyone done this before? Each machine will have different User info, Reg Tweaks, Apps, and Drivers. Space on the DVD is not a problem so I don't mind duplicate files. I would like this to be as simple as possible. :wacko:

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Wow, 48 reads and no replies. Either what I would like to do can't be done or nobody is interested in the concept. I have been trying on my own using Gosh's website for info but since I'm a newbie on this I'm lost on the correct procedure.

I hope somebody would look at this and offer some assistance.

I appreciate any and all help.

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using this method:


it is possible to have many boot/install options for one or multiple os'.

after following this guide you will have 3 different install options for one OS. but its easily possible to add more.

now its also possible to use a different winnt.sif for each install option. you can can now call various batch files in the .sif file.

each option uses a different winnt.sif file and therefore different batchfiles to install the software you want.

thats how i did it, and it works great :thumbup


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