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XP SP2 could slowdown P2P downloads


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XP SP2 could slowdown P2P downloads

TCP restrictions in Microsoft’s latest Windows XP service pack—SP2—could slowdown P2P download activity according to a post on Tech-Recipes. It seems that by design SP2 limits the number of simultaneous incomplete outbound TCP connection attempts.

Once the rate is reached, subsequent connection attempts are placed in a queue eventually to be resolved at a fixed rate. Rumors are already around the internet that this slows down programs that open multiple TCP connections at once. Port scanners are a good example of this. Some P2P might be effect as well in theory.

torrent link 4 the fix :

taken from -



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A few posts up you mentioned you got the Pyrax fix, and you looked pretty happy then. What happend since then?

I must say, you ask a lot of questions with regard to this matter. Problem is, you ask them ALL over the friggin forum! You're making such a mess of this place!


Anyway... what you got is a PATCHER! You must RUN that patcher where your TCPIP.SYS is, and it will patch it for you. You can also get the pre-patched file from this forum.

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Notice the word "easy", your average non computer knowledgeable person would know what a system files is, so i found the installer that does it for you, and release it.

Oh and you can uninstall this version


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