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This was released awhile back. I have it installed, but I would like to slipstream it into XP CD, so that when I install XP it will load up this Theme also if anyone has this theme I would be much appreciate it.

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This would go in the "Unattended" section of the boards.

You need to create a .theme file that uses the theme; you can copy the Royale files into the $OEM/$1/Windows/System32/Resources/Themes on the cd. To have the theme as the default you need to add it in the WINNT.SIF file (I can't remember how to do it sorry).

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Here ya go.

Just extract this attachment and copy your Royale.msstyles file inside the MediaCenter folder, everything else is included. Inside there add your wallpaper inside the Wallpaper folder, but rename the wallpaper to MediaCenter.jpg

Once this is done add the files inside the $OEM$>$$>Resources>Themes folder.

To tell Windows to use this by default add below inside your WINNT.SIF file:


CustomDefaultThemeFile="%WinDir%\Resources\Themes\Media Center 2005.theme"

I would have added the msstyles file, but compressed with Winrar i couldnt get it below 170k and they have a 150k limit.


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Guys sorry, whoever downloaded the attachment will need to grab it again as i edited the theme file with the new Media Center 2005 names but forgot to edit the line pointing to the msstyles file, i did get the wallpaper string correct though.

Ither download the attachment over or open the .theme file with notepad and scroll down to where you see:



Above in bold is what i forgot to edit, Yours will say royale2005 and it needs changed to the above. Sorry for the mistake im half asleep.

I did add you a wallpaper in the attachment already named correct and in the correct folder. It looks nice with this theme.

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You didnt need to edit the royale.msstyles file just the Media Center 2005.theme in my 1st attachment to save you from having to redownload it over.

Will be easier to just redownload the attachment i updated. I added a wallpaper in the updated attachment also.

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You dont need to edit anything if you redownload the attachment i added and delete the original one.

1) Download the Media Center 2005 theme attachment and extract it.

2) Download the royale.rar file from the link i gave, extract it, look inside its contents and find the royale.mssstyles file. Copy that file inside the MediaCenter folder from my attachment.

Now the theme is done and you wont need the rest of the contents that was extracted from the royale.rar file.

Copy the contents of the finished Media Center 2005 folder inside the $OEM$ section and edit the WINNT.SIF file following the directions i gave in my 1st post.

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