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Sun Java VM


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actually SP2 has the MSJava update to v.3810. Meaning that, if you previously to apply SP2, had installed MSJava v.3809 and below (either separately or with the SP1 pack), it will update to 3810 when you apply the Service Pack 2.

Now, if you slipstream, it won't show. Meaning that if you install XP slipstremad with SP2, then 3089, the update for 3810 will appear in your Windows Update page.

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Sun's "user-friendly" java site has to be one of my top ten hated webpages. i suppose it's fine for people who don't know their mouse from their monitor, but if you're trying to find anything specific other than whatever java version it tries to automatically install on your machine every time you happen to blink then good luck. :thumbdown:


try that instead


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