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Explorer reg settings


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I can't find enough info 'bout changing explorer (file browser) settings.

OK, what I'd like to do is bring it as close as posible to the win95 explorer, it was great :)

I did some registry comparing and figured this keyes are envolved:


The list of reg setting I'd like and havent found:

tunrning off any kind of webview

using list for icons

sort by type

turning off the warrning message when u try to use drive C

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its under the same key:

dont use Webview


show system-files


except icon-list and sort.....

---> HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Streams

but i didn't figure out completely how it works.

under streams, there should also be the settings for "quick launch".

looks like it's one binary-value that contains many of explorer settings. i hate that :-(

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