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powweb.com hosting

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They have been running this for so many months and has been talked about over at WebHostingTalks forums. You can do a search there to get some clients feedback on the hidden issues your not aware of until you sign up.

Two most said things in the industry:

1. There is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth.

2. If it's to good to be true then you bet your a** it is not true.

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i use powweb.com hosting. I just signed up no more than two weeks ago. They are not lying, they do have what I think is the best price for features. They really do offer 5GB of daily transfer.

Some of the things that really aren't apparent:

1. After 5GB they shut down your website for that day. They do not allow you to go over that. I think this is a good thing because you can't get overcharged.

2. There is no Cpanel. They have a proprietary thing called Ops that does some basic config for you, but everything else, like setting up a forum or PHP CMS is up to you. I was so used to Cpanel because of my former host www.lunarpages.com (which is also good, but they don't have as many features). But I got over not having Cpanel in about 10 minuets. I did some quick reading on PHP and MySQL and everything was fine. You have more power and security when you do it yourself.

3. You basically need to do everything in FTP or Frontpage, but they are developing a beta site manager that will probably be up soon.

4. They are competitive and add features all the time. Old subscribers also get the benefits when they update their features (like the recent addition of 5GB per day).

5. They seem really fast to me, i haven't testest their maximum download, but it easily saturates my 170KB/s line.

6. It took quite a while for them to register my domain name, but they did do it after 3 days.

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I use powweb as well. I don't really use any of their features. I just use it as a way to host large files to transfer among friends and such.

Seems uber fast to me, I can upload to them at about 130kB/sec, and I can download from them at well over 500kB/sec. No complaints here. I've been using them for about a year now.

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I use PowWeb for hosting my main site:


for over 2 years.

I am very pleased with their features + service.

But that's me, I prefer *nix + php. ;)

BTW: they increased space + traffic limits [as of April 30 2005]:

- 5 GB space

- 10 GB/day = 300 GB/month traffic

and the price remains the same:

$7.77/month = $93.24/year.

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