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Windows XP Embedded


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just wondering if anyone has messed with microsoft's windows xp embedded studio. it seems pretty cool, basically like a full featured bart's pe builder that's actually intended to be used as a full features OS.

anyway, it looks to have some potential, i'm curious what the more experienced MSFN members have to say about it.

you can download a demo of it somewhere on M$'s website, it's fairly easy to find.


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Actually, I was going to build a CD to explore things up (using Cubie guide), but once I reached the point that states you must add the hardware list of your devices to the database, I got disappointed at once, because the real benefit of running any OS from a CD is the PORTABILITY, I can use this CD in machines with different configuration for recovery purposes or whatever, but XPe will be tied to one machine or at least few ones if I decided to include more hardware (the toughest process).

So, although XPe is really promising as a full featured OS, I think WinPE superceeds it by its portability.

I hope someone can come up with an idea or technique to make it portable.


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XP Embedded is fantastic. My Windows folder is about 200 MB, it takes about 10 minutes to install and about 30 seconds to boot up.

OK, I now have a copy that takes 3 minutes to install and boots up in 20 seconds.

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Don't worry too much about that for now. I think I have found a way to create a truly portable version of XPe which should work on all the hardware configurations
That's good news, just don't forget to leave a link here to your updated guide :rolleyes:.

Really nice work here by CuBie and ZaheerChothia (in alphapetical order :) ).

@Test Zero

OK, I now have a copy that takes 3 minutes to install and boots up in 20 seconds.

Do you use any optimization steps not mentioned in the guide to get finer results?

If so, please share us your experience.


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Here's what I did:

  • Imported my hardware configuration into Target Designer
  • Modified the Target Device Settings* (using the Settings panel)
  • Added the Information Appliance Design Template
  • Configured the Information Appliance component (using the Settings panel)
  • Ran a Dependency Check (F5)
  • Removed components that I don't use
  • Added components from Software > Sytem > User Interface
  • Added the Windows Installer Service and Autologin components
  • Configured the User Interface Core component (using the Settings panel)
  • Added and configured the Automatic Logon component (using the Settings panel)
  • Built the target image without running a Dependency Check (F7)

* specifically, Boot ARC Path and Boot Partition Size

I'm having problems installing the nForce and ATi drivers though. :)

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