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P2P via DMZ


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Hello All!

I have the following hookup.

Cable Modem (sb5100) ---> voice router (vt1000v) ---> router (wgr614v3) 168.102.1 168.0.1 <--- WAN addresses. The vt1000v assigns 102.100 ---> wgr614v3 ---> Assigns all local 0.xxx addresses to PCs.

All PCs have 0.xxx address.

I have 2 on a reserve list. PC 1 & my server. They always get the same ip all the time. Now, I have port forwarding enabled for PC "p2p" on the router & voice router. THAT DIDN'T WORK! What I had to do is set the 102.100 & the 0.3 addresses as a "DMZ" for ANY P2P programs to work! Once I did this I got MUCH BETTER performance. No more LOWID.

Why? I know that any port forwarding should've been enough??? After running a few test on DSLReports My whole network is still unpingable. On the vt1000v you CAN'T turn on "Response to WAN Pings" So, running these diagnostics is useless.

At least once a day I have to reboot the vt1000v or NO webpages will load.

I added all my DNS servers statically to all PCs to try to elevate the problem.

I've contacted tech support about the vt1000v, "Oh nothing is wrong w/ your internet. I'll leave open a trap log for 6hrs. If I find something I'll contact you." Yeah right they never did.

Sorry for the LONG post but this info was necessary.


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