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batch file not executing properly in RunOnceEx

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i was wondering if anyone could help me with this semi-complicated problem im having with unattended windows xp pro installation.

I'm running an unattended xp pro install, and im using RunOnceEx as my application and registry setting installer. at the end of my app list in runonceex, i have a .CMD that is called which enters some registry keys, copies some shortcuts, deletes extra files etc, specifically though,

enabling quick launch, copying icons to quicklaunch, and a registry setting that enables the classic control panel.

BUT these things i mentioned DO NOT execute properly whilst they run in RunOnceEx. control panel doesnt change, even after a reboot, and my quick launch icons dont appear. NOW, if i run this .cmd file again afte RunOnceEx runs its course. it works perfectly(maybe something about windows being fully loaded after runonceex goes? i dont know, but some of these reg entries dont like being in runonceex limbo)

im looking for a work-around for this, like a .cmd file that runs AFTER RunOnceEx, so that it can properly apply these settings, but for the life of me i can't figure out how to automate this. Can anyone help me figure out a solution for this?

either a way to make these things work in RunOnceEx, or a way to fake another type of RunOnce that runs after RunOnceEx.

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well if u want to run something in runonceex afterwards do something like this:

make a command in the 1st runonce (at the end of it) to write a new entry (either to runonce or runonceex) and after a restart that'd be executed..

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