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Logon Screen Saver


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Legal Notice (warning banner) added to classic logon causes the screensaver would never start.

To take all customization out of the test I installed a new XP system from CD

(SP1 on CD),

Repeated the test after installing all current patches with the same results.

Any ideas about this?

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Check that one is setup. Open regedit and goto the key HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop and check the string SCRNSAVE.EXE it should display logon.scr, if not or not spelt correctly, it won't display it.

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Both of the replies are missing the point.

I can have a warning banner or a logon screen saver, just not both at the at same time.

The display of the warning banner which is refreshed every 120 seaconds does not alow the screensaver timer to evey reach the delfault 600 seconds.

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