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IE & Sp2 V2096


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Hello All!

Today I made a manual build of Sp2 v2096. Here is the courses of action I took. Installed from a slipstreamed sp1a cd. Then installed auto patcher XP. Everytihng worked fine. Then I installed sp2. After returning from the reboot. I noted that I couldn't do office 2k3 updates. The security settings were set to HIGH. I tried to change them. It didn't allow me to do so. I went into custom settings and changed it. Still nothing, It kept reverting back to HIGH. I added the site into the trusted Zone. Still nothing! I saw someone posted something about changing a registry entry machine lock down. I changed that setting and rebooted. Nothing changed. It's still continuing.

Anyone has Ideas how to fix this thing.


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To let anyone know. If you happen to run into this. Try checking your domain. That's what happend to me. My domain acct was causing this problem. I logged in w/ my local all works fine.

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