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Reg tweaks before runonceex?

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I wanted the reg tweaks before windows booted up, someone told me to make a cmdlines.txt in the $OEM$ and I placed the tegtweaks.reg in there also. cmdline:

"regedit /s RegTweaks.reg"

I also switched from microsoft vitrual machine to VMware and acouple of things changed, when I boot up now I know have to click a user name to begin and my computer name has been changed to something different. svcpack.inf:

Signature="$Windows NT$"



JS56NEN.exe /Q:A /R:N
Q322011.exe /Q /N /Z /O
Q330994.exe /Q:A /R:N
Q814995.exe /Q /N /Z /O
Q819696.exe /Q /N /Z /O
Q820291.exe /Q /N /Z /O
Q821253.exe /Q /N /Z /O
Q823182.exe /Q /N /Z /O
Q824105.exe /Q /N /Z /O
Q824141.exe /Q /N /Z /O
Q825119.exe /Q /N /Z /O
Q826939.exe /Q /N /Z /O
Q826942.exe /Q /N /Z /O
Q828028.exe /Q /N /Z /O
Q828035.exe /Q /N /Z /O
Q828741.exe /Q /N /Z /O
Q831167.exe /Q:A /R:N
"Q832483.exe /C:""dahotfix.exe /q /n"" /q:a"
Q832894.exe /Q:A /R:N
Q833998.EXE /Q /N /Z /O
Q835732.EXE /Q /N /Z /O
Q837001.EXE /Q /N /Z /O
Q837009.exe /Q:A /R:N
Q840374.exe /Q /N /Z /O
Q828026.exe /Q /N /Z /O

Thanks guys


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Well what I'm meaning to say is that I've changed nothing and now everytime I boot up I have to click to enter windows (picture shows some other type of profile was made) and I was meant to show my winnt.sif file but I for some reason put in the svcpack.inf. The winnt.sif shows the name is different to the pic I took.




   FullName="Michael Whiteside"








I''ve another picture to hopfully let you know what I mean, Im sorry you couldnt understand my post


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you forgot to put the autologon into your installation....

like told here:


afterwards you don't have to click on no picture, you will logon automatically...

that maybe happened when you placed the regtweak thing in your cmdlines.txt, you just forgot the autologin stuff...

the other profiles are the administrator (thats normal), the ASP account was from DotNetFramework i think (u could delete it) and the guest account is a funny little invention of the MS imperium (you could just let it be disabled or delete it or whatever)

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put this in a .reg file

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]




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Be careful around here. We don't like pirate users. If indeed your key was pirated, (as some of us may know) that I could have easily just delete this thread. We don't condone pirate users. We're not even supposed to help them. (If we don't know they are, whoops). I've removed your key.

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Sorry about that Alanoll I just forgot to remove the key from the post, luckily my XP Professional just came in the mail today so I was able to put my legitimate key in. :)

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One last thing, every time I leave the computer and the screen saver comes on it logs out and I have to click the icon to get back in. I was wondering can that be disabled in the auto login command. I generally just want my computer to boot up have no login or logout, just always be windows.

Thanks guys

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