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Problem getting cmdlines.txt to run


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ive been reading stuff on this site for a few weeks now and i must say this is the best site ive found for windows install modifications

ive recently started trying to make a custom xp disc with things like the latest drivers for my mobo and graphics and all those little necessary apps

however im having a problem getting the cmdlines.txt file to run

im pretty sure i have everything in the right place however i have not modified the winnt.sif file (didnt know if i needed to or not). i think i remember reading that it didnt need to be called from anywhere and that the sole presence of the $oem$ folder would let it know to look for the cmdlines.txt file but i may have read wrong or overlooked something

if this is the case then how could i modify/make a winnt.sif file just enough to make it copy the $oem$ folder and run the cmdlines.txt file but still have it not be "unattended"? i wouldnt mind getting some of the useless screens liek the eula and the time zone settings out of the way but i still want to keep things like workgroup/domain name and usernames (if thats at all possible) because i will probly be installing this on other pcs as well

also might you know of any good links for the winnt.sif file that documents all the settings and proper uses? i guess what i really need is just a point in the right direction :)

any help would be greatly appreciated


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You gotta edit the winnt.sif so far, that you leave every configuration to the user (use the setupmgr to create such a file, just follow the instructions and do it). afterwards u put in the file the line:





Then you put your cmdlines.txt in the $OEM$ folder and it has to look like that:





do not forget the "" those are important.

that should do it.

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