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A little help for the Winntbbu.dll?

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I am not really sure what the variables in the winntbbu.dll mean, well the font description stands for the font, but you can't change the color from those variables.

The only thing u could do to change the color of your texts is to open the file in a hexeditor and search fpr the color codes. The color codes look like the ones in HTML, so if you got white text it would be FFFFFF, black would be 000000 etc...

The problem that you will encounter is, that there are many FF's in the file but in my case it was like there are a lot of FF FF FF FF, as you should see there are 2 too much. So what you could do is the following: Open your winntbbu.dll with a hexeditor and perform a search for a hex value FFFFFF (6x F) and skip those results that have more than 6 F's. After you found a line that contains 6 F's, change them to your favourite colorcode and save the file (always keep a backup of the original one...). then copy it to your i386 folder and run the Setup, if you get an error, you changed the wrong values, if the color is still the old one, you changed the wrong values... It took me 4 tries to find the correct line, so far windows Setup caused 2 errors and one time nothing happened.

Hope that helps...

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