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xpmgr - Windows XP License Manager


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xpmgr is a license manager for Windows XP and Server 2003 (and hopefully Office and PLUS!), inspired by slmgr for Windows Vista and newer. It can:

  • Get the system's product ID
  • Change the system's product key
  • Generate an Installation ID
  • Send a Confirmation ID
  • Get the # of days until activation is required
  • Get the # of days until the evaluation period expires, for evaluation copies of Windows


Credits to diamondggg for making the magic numbers, ICOMLicenseAgent interface, and LoadLicenseManager() function, which were taken from [REDACTED] and modified to work in a CLI.

This tool supports all x86 and x64 editions of Windows XP, Server 2003 and other one-off editions. Itanium editions are not supported, as they don't have Windows Product Activation in the first place.

This tool does not facilitate piracy. This tool is made for power users to have an easier time with license management on older versions of Microsoft products, before Microsoft made slmgr. All that xpmgr does is use API's that the OOBE (or Office's first run) uses.

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