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Windows 2000 USB 2.0 on 6th gen intel?

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The GTX 960 is still too new graphics card for Windows 2000, even after installing the blackwingcat drivers and extended kernel.

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17 hours ago, Daniel7689 said:

How would I go about getting USB 2.0 to work on Windows 2000? I do not possess a PS/2 Keyboard and the keyboard and mouse does not appear to work after the "Setup is starting Windows 2000" phase of the setup, my PC specifications are here: https://valid.x86.fr/jqvha7

this is problem appear to me in the past and i use hfslip of blackwingcat and all work , he include drivers usb 2.0/3.0 in text mode of installation , download the latest english and follow the steps 


in the procedure of creation of hfslip and you use vista or newer you should temporary minimizes UAC until tool fininshing automatically creating .iso: image.png

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On 6/15/2023 at 5:57 PM, Daniel7689 said:

I think this isn't compatible with Skylake (6th generation)

If it works with XP it will work with 2000 and with HFSlip of blackwingcat is the most better modified installation of Win2000 , you should try it

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