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WinSCP 6.1 with KernelEx


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Link to latest portable version:

Hello guys, as you know WinSCP is the best alternative for FTP/SFTP/SSH file transfers on Win98SE.

The latest compatible version with Win98SE/ME is 4.4

The problem with it is that it lacks support for current SSH key exchange algorithms, which forces the host to allow dated and less secure algorithms, and that's why we need a newer version.

With the help of KernelEx, starting with versions 5.x.x this is what I get:

Complains about WINHTTP.DLL being missing - I copy it to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM
Complains about DWMAPI.DLL being missing - I copy it to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM

Then it complais about a missing export:
"The DWMAPI.DLL file is linked to missing export NTDLL.DLL:NtTerminateThread"

I'm neophyte to KernelEx's ins and outs but I'd like to learn more. And hopefully this program can be made to run.

If you know about a similar software that supports connections to modern systems I'm all ears. I know about PuTTY, luckily the latest version works fine even without KernelEx (w32old) but it doesn't have a GUI and it's more involved.

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I haven't gotten into tweaking KernelEx, yet. I wonder if the DIY KernelEx extensions thread would help? There is also the KernelEx Auxiliary DLL Updates thread. The later may already be included, in the latest KernelEx; but maybe there is some helpful reading.

There are some threads about working with more modern Web Browsers. Some have tweaked KernelEx, to reach better success. You might be able to garner some pro tips, off those.

I wish I could be more helpful. I just noticed this post didn't get much for replies. I hope something is useful.

It might help to first take a whack at it, after reading up on it. Then ask a specific question, about one step of the process.

People may shy away, from replying, if they feel like they will be schooling someone every step of the way. Not because they don't wanna help, but more likely because of the time investment (tired from work and stuff).

I could be wrong.

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