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Do not restart immediately after Bsod.


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So there seems to be life after death :-)
I have not found technical information about it, but I will tell my experience.

Today, using Windows 2000 with an NTFS external unit per USB I started decompressing about 10 very large files, between 0.5 and 10 gib.
In parallel I have put a 50 gib file from the Internet.
Then the system, at a given time, has shown me a blue screenshot.
*** STOP: 0x000000d1 etc
And nothing more.

It has surprised me that the memory dump message did not appear, or any other message.

So, when I was going to press the restart button, I have noticed that the external hard drive had the writing light flashing.
Thus, I have left it for an hour in this situation. Of course, disconnecting the Internet in case the 50 gib file continued.

I really wanted to wait to see what happened when I finished blinking the light, to see if the system showed more messages on the blue screen, but I have not had patience.
When I have returned, seeing it in the same situation, I have not been able to wait any longer and I have pressed the restart button.

The fact is that at the beginning of Windows, no error was found on the hard drive and the 10 files in the process of decompression had been completed 8.
Therefore, it is evident that the system continued working despite showing the blue screenshot and did not go to state "Requiescat in Pace".

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