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Chicago95 - Windows 95 look for Linux


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A more convincing Win95 desktop for Linux. The Github project is here with screenshots here.

It is supposed to be more like a total conversion. So the Linux boot graphics, calculator, Browser (Palemoon>Netscape), Email (Netscape again?), MSOffice (Libreoffice), File Browsing, Command prompt, and 95plus.

Not for me. But maybe someone here is interested.

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Thanks for posting this @awkduck. Interesting but not for me either. I will stick to authentic Windows 9x on real hardware and boot GNU/Linux separately. It's obviuos the developer(s) spent a lot of time and energy on the project, looks good.
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Did a little google search and discovered something called "Wine" that supposedly runs win32 programs on Linux... hmm.

What they should do, is somehow bundle Chicaco95 and Wine together, so you never need to do ANYTHING linux related. Just make a ready-to-go Windows 95 clone that runs straight out of the box, with Wine included.

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