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Unencrypted e-mail Services for Outlook Express?


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Hello everyone,

I would just like to ask if there are any email services out there that are still unencrypted, so that I can use an email service with an ancient email client, like the Oulook Express in Windows 98. So far, the only unencrypted email service I have that still works is the email that a relative made for me with my ISP. That was my first email address and a while ago I found out that it is apparently unencrypted, so I could use it with the ancient Outlook Express 5, though I don't think I've tried.

If anyone knows any unencrypted email services, or email services that are capable of doing unencrypted mail, please let me know. I have tried searching on Google many times and only results for encrypted email services come up. Thanks!

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NetZero, but as far as i can tell SMTP is totally broken (so, no sending emails, not even with encrpytion).

The web client requires encryption to log in but not to use, strangely. And in the web client, sending mail works.

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