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Windows 98 Shell32.dll Link Missing on Vmware


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So i was installing Windows 98 on Vmware 16 and everything was going fine i created a disk using fdisk and then start the installation. Everything was fine until the final stage where it started registering components and it spit an shell32.dll error i ignored it but it came back after a few seconds which killed explorer.exe. I am using a ryzen 5 3500u cpu and found that this is a problem with the ryzen architecture. Im willing to find a fix. Any solutions :}.

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Look here: https://www.creopard.de/2020/05/VM-Windows-98-SE-mit-Ryzen-CPU-in-VMware-12.x-installieren.htm

The problem is with the ESDI_506.PDR file.

Best solution for this is to copy the Win9x folder from ISO into the formatted hard drive, place the fixed ESDI_506.PDR there, and run the Setup from the hard drive.

Win9x installers first look for files inside the setup folder and THEN inside the cab files. So you can avoid the issue if the Win9x installer picks up the fixed file in the first place, rather than the vanilla version inside the cabs.

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