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Windows 9x/NT4 Sound Support without changing virtual machine version. (VMWare)


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Majority of people downgrade their VMware version to 5.0 for the legacy sound driver,Which is the SB128. But you also lose some features that were introduced in newer versions. This is a way to install the current sound driver, Which is the Ensoniq ES1370.

Sound Driver for the ES1370.

Supported: Windows 95/98/Me

1.Download and drag and drop the driver to your 9x VM. 

1b.If that dosen't work, or if you do not want to install VMware Tools,Create a ISO/CD using a program such as ImgBurn/UltraISO etc with the driver in it.

2. Open and install the driver. It should be quick. If everything goes well,You will see a found new hardware dialog with the ES1370.

2b. On 95/98, You may see a 'Please insert this disk' error. It is ok to close that message.

3.Reboot and enjoy!

If it dosen't work?

If it dosen't work, Check your temp folder (Which can be accesed with %temp% in the run box) and there may be a folder with the drivers. Copy this folder to your desktop and try installing it using the 'Add new hardware wizard' control panel item.


Full compabitlity with VMware, Possibly better sound.


No MIDI support. I can't remember if it also dosen't work on SB128.

Annoying message about no MIDI support. It's a dialog box at logon.

Windows NT 4 also has a version of this driver.

NT 4/Alternate CD Version

In theory the installation process is close to the 9x driver.

Comment below if there's any problems.


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