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custom unofficial windows 2000 inf update packaging + BWC for 2K SP4


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i was just wondering if anyone has experience working with blackwingcat's unofficial inf update files / packages. I'm trying to create my own package that was created by another person, but may or may not have the blackwingcat fixes. I noticed that there is a folder called "W2KORG", and i was wondering if i would need to put these files into the "all" folder if i use a system with windows 2000 SP4? it says it's for "Vanilla" windows 2000, but i'm not sure what that means. does that mean windows 2000 without any service packs, or does it mean something else? Also, would it be ok if i manually copied one by one each "infinst_autol2" package contents from the "all" section in chronological order (infinst_autol2 - infinst_autol11 ) into the "all" section of the custom inf package i have ( of course selecting no to keep duplicate files or renaming ), and setup should take care of everything or at least almost everything. i don't plan on using anything newer than haswell, even though there is some support for it in there, the main goal i want to accomplish is fixing any bugs in the existing package i have, by using the bwc's fixes, although i do hope to test at least 1st gen intel. 

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