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TCPMP mod light version alternative mp4 player to VLC player 0.8.6d for windows 2000 ( or maybe even other OS )


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I was wondering if anyone has a link or can point to which mp4 player i can use as an alternative to vlc player 0.8.6d on windows 2000. I have encountered a new problem ( never happened on any system before ) when testing a downloaded youtube video which would not even show image or barely at all on vlc .8.6d, 1080p / 720p would not display anything, i even tested 480p video version and 99 percent of the video was garbled with no image, just some sound. 

Could these issues be related to some sort of codec found in these files when they are downloaded, where as in the past, this wasn't an issue, because the downloaded youtube files in the past ( maybe a year or two ago ) used a older codec, and therefore were compatible with these older mp4 players? i mean, at least on windows 10, the newer 1080p/720/480p files worked perfectly fine on windows media player, but that's assumed anyways. 

now i mentioned tcpmp mod, because i noticed when using the roytam version for windows 98+, it allowed 1080p/720p/480p videos to work mostly fine, with only some minor to medium glitches / artifacts on windows 2000 ( i dont remember how the windows 95 / 98 versions did ). the glitches were not any different between the resolutions. could this glitch problem be because im using the windows 98 version or w.e, and that if i use the regular tcpmp version, then it wouldn't have the glitches? now, the only other ones i found was one that was less than 1 MB, but it was restricted, and did not allow MP4 playback, there was another one that was like 14 MB, however, i would rather now use this, as it would add several MB of space to my archive, and i would not want to do so as my main choice, if it does happen to work without issues, as i havent tested this one specifically yet. 

I dont have to worry about these issues on windows 95 and 98, because i have both vlc and the tcpmp mod, maximizing compatibility when issues arise, although, i havent tested either of them recently, so maybe this garbled / glitch problem is because of newer codecs?  forcing me to abandon vlc 0.8.6d altogether for all builds....?

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Hi @cov3rt. I like Windows 2000 but don't use it much. In Windows 98 SE, TCPMP is light but buggy, VLC v0.8.6d is heavy and doesn't play all video types. For me the best is SMPlayer's -> MPlayer (don't confuse with Windows Media Player). In Windows 98, the SMPlayer release is v0.6.7. I'm sure vanilla Windows 2000 supports a newer release. It's a very light video player and when configured properly works very well. The actual configuration file is named simply 'config'. There's no GUI, lots of information online.

In Windows 98, for example, just point the video to C:\Program Files\SMPlayer\mplayer\mplayer.exe

This MPlayer hasn't failed to play YT videos for me here in Windows 98, typically MP4 format.

Basic controls:

f - toggle fullscreen
o - toggle onscreen display
q - quit
left arrow - back few seconds
right arrow - forward few seconds
up arrow - forward one minute
down arrow - back one minute
spacebar - toggle pause

If you want, paste a YT URL in question (at least the 'watch?v=-???' snippet).
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