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Airplane mode problem


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Wife pc airplane mode got stuck on, so it can't connect to wifi. Because of this, Windows updates is not either working. The airplane mode in settings is greyed out.

What can I do to fix it prior to format the HD? If I try a Windows repair all I get is a fail to repair message. Uninstall and reinstall of wifi drivers didn't help. Connectivity is ok if I connect by wire to the network but still windows updates doesn't work 🤔

Any help will be very appreciated.




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Standard Repair Options:

Rightclick Taskbar -> Taskmanager -> Run (as Admin) -> cmd.exe

1) sfc /scannow
2) Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

than do a clean Reboot via:
shutdown -g -t 0

Sometimes a NEW User Account could fix things like this (belongs to different settings in Registry)

If this doesnt help, you could try some of my repair scripts: (Reset Services to Default Script - Restart after)

Further you could download "Windows Repair Tool" from Tweaking.com (it will repair everything, even folder ACLs), but, it does so much stuff, i dont understand, that i`m little bit afraid of this tool.

Alternatively you could do a reinstall (without HDD Format) -> Windows will be renamed to Windows.0 (later you can delete it via cleanmgr -> do not do a manual delete!), or went back to it.

Note: Often a complete Reinstall with format is faster and better than fixing things (belongs to how much software you need to reinstall, and how much changes you do).

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