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Windows Server 2008 R2 updates in 7?


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AIUI Azure servers live in Microsoft's "cloud" - they aren't a piece of hardware you can buy. So I think M$ is just saying they'll keep their own servers updated with all the latest fixes.

I'm sure those fixes are the same ones available to all of us via the M$ update catalog - the ones that won't install without an ESU license. So it just means M$ has licensed their own servers to get their own updates :rolleyes: I don't think that helps the rest of us.

Edit: Looking at your screen shot, it looks to me like year 4 of the ESU updates won't be available to the rest of us at all! It says ESU year 4 is Azure only, so I suspect M$ is keeping those updates to themselves.

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Windows POSReady 7 receives ESUs until after that date anyway. It is the last version of Windows 7 to receive updates from Microsoft. Hopefully someone will figure out how to apply its ESUs to Enterprise.


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