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Newer laptop performance under Windows 7 with various services disabled

Eddie Phizika

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I've saw (sorry for directly pointing my finger) a post on the windows 8 forum where various people explicitly tried to say windows 7 is slower, something with doesn't makes sense to me, as most of the windows NT kernel and system are definitely growing in size and code and so many extra things like data collection and these things. For a matter of comparision, i will be showing some geekbench 4 tests. The first one shows the Radeon Vega 8 from the ryzen 5 3500u 4000 to 5000 points ahead of vega 10 ryzen 7 3800u laptops, while 2000 to 3000 points behind the dedicated board Geforce 1050TI





The second one shows the ryzen 5 3500u beating ryzen 7 3800u windows laptops laptops in single and multi core performance. Some linux laptops with ryzen 7 3800u get the single thread win but they still lose, likely because the linux kernel and linux distros today are much bigger and heavier than windows 7.

Just to explain: I cannot post all screenshots. I would suggest to search for ryzen 7 3800u results or early-mid 2010s computers (which most here use when we talk about newer windows versions) and make comparisons.



my ryzen laptop above


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